Five cultural actors from Asian are selected

Five cultural actors from Asian creative spaces have been selected from total 22 applications according to the representativeness, clarity, diversity and innovation of the creative spaces that they present. The five selected participants and creative spaces are:

Saya Namikawa

Nationality Japan Space ST Spot A small 56m2 theatre in the heart of Yokohama

Vagaram Choudary

Nationality India Space Sowing seeds An social interactive artist’s rural residency in the villages of Rajasthan India

Wijayanti Anik

Nationality Indonesia Space ETHNICTRO A music experimental space in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Wawi Navarroza

Nationality The Philippines Space Thousandfold An artist-run contemporary photography and publishing platform in Manila Philippines.

Hutch Wilco

Nationality New Zealand Space Cospace A privately funded art space located in an operable park for factories and warehouses in Shanghai China.