Sowing Seeds

Space Description

“Sowing Seeds (Beej Bonna)” is an social interactive artist’s rural residency program where a residency is held every year in the month of December for a period of approximately 14 days in villages of Rajasthan. It intends to create conscious awareness of the Social and environmental issues that concern villagers in their relation to the contemporary world. It creates dialogues and exchanges amongst artists beyond the national identity and serves as an opportunity for rural artists to meet, share and exchange ideas, visions, and diverse views in order to create a deeper understanding between them.

Entrepreneurs Team: Bhupat Dudi, Chiman Dangi and Vagaram Choudhary

1. Space

Initially, to organize the residency program we select the village where residency is linked and familiar to the community and social issues. We have a strong track record in creating safe spaces, creative solutions and reduction of anti-social behaviors. We can offer a safe heaven for participating artists, for example, from areas that are experiencing the turbulent aftermath of the social, to further develop or in some cases even provide the necessary safe environment.

2. Community Involvement

To prepare the community, we take workshops and have discussions in groups, so that they develop an open mind-set, an understanding of the creative process and what that means for interaction with individuals; respect of each other and trust in the artistic process.

3. Finance

A program often provides a clear way of reaching its objectives. To rise funds and other support, we communicate with local government bodies and public as well. Our program gets 50% funds from private funding (community leader) 25 % from government bodies that support the development of art and culture program. And remaining 25% cost is covered up by our art group and friends.

5. Execution Team 

  • Project Head
  • Curator
  • Administrator
  • 4 group volunteers (each group 4 volunteer with one team lead)

6. Selection for participation

We announce open call for the residency program via social media and many artist community sites. We receive around 450 applications from all around the globe. We are shortlisting applicants who interested to interact and collaborate with the rural community. It doesn’t have any age barrier.

7. Activities

We introduce artists to various social and cultural aspects of village life. Then, we organize collective workshop, talk, open presentation, and performance with rural community, and then get more participating in various activities. This interactive session to have a create dialog that leads to various expressions.

8. Governance

To make the program successful, volunteers from community get associated with the core team members. Volunteer group help us in various aspects that includes field programs, documentation, media coverage, language translation, security, Management local resources, etc.

9. Innovation Highlight

Rural community got opportunity to interact with different culture and build their knowledge of other art and culture. Contemporary art practices is communicate in their own language it effectively addressing their sensibilities with community, they leaving messages a lasting impression of change on their minds.

Rural community is conventional but they got affective awareness in social, environmental, girls’ education and contemporary art in last five years in Rural Rajasthan, India.