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At the underground floor of 18F-­‐business building in Yokohama, ST spot was given birth on November 18th, 1987, thanks to the City of Yokohama, the owner of the building and a number of volunteers who had believed in this space as a cultural spot. In 2000, the Board of Directors was called; and in 2004, the NPO ST spot Yokohama was established.

The current team consists of 6 permanents, 3 contract employees and 2 part-­‐time staff, and occasionally, I collaborate with them as an associate staff, when necessary. The board of administration is a group of 5 boards and 1 auditor. The General Assembly is called every year with whom holds the membership (11 members on 28 March 2016).

Even though the physical space is very small, ST spot had been the place where young talented artists tend to pass by in the course of their artistic development. Many nationally and internationally acknowledged Japanese performing artists have been ST spot at the beginning of their career. Why? Because the ST spot, and NPO ST spot Yokohama always welcome and listen to the artists, or staff of other cultural spaces and organizations. Being small allows them to be open and collaborative; thus, things become creative. And, all believe in this seemingly-­‐small black hole, where anything can start.