Anik Wijayanti

Anik Wijayanti


Visual artist, Researcher, Fashion designer, and educator Anik Wijayanti -better known as Aii Wijaya- relishes in exploring every facets of art in Yogyakarta, all arround Indonesia and beyond. While her basic education strongly emphasises on visual arts, and she is also rooted in her local music scene.

Formally trained in visual arts at Yogyakarta visual art high school (SMSR), then continuing her study at the Design faculty of the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta. Aii approaches art from a holistic angle while giving it a meaning as life philosophy and practical mindset.

Aii is now one of the founding members and current directors of Ethnictro, the Yogyakarta based music space created in 2008 as a place of musical education, open expression, art, cultural, and experimental music. Aii currently runs Ethnictro which focuses on socio-cultural and environmental challenges through the practical application of collaborative and cross disciplinary actions.

Aii now uses her experiences to the benefit of her community, she aim at promoting and developing Indonesia’s incredibly creative and innovative art scene further, by giving exposure to its people and concepts.

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